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MONIKA BORGMANN - Born in Germany, she studied Arabic and Political Sciences in Bonn and Damascus. From 1990 to 2001, she worked in the Middle East and North Africa as a freelance journalist for German radio and “Die Zeit.” BORGMANN holds dual German/Lebanese citizenship and is the author of Saïd Mekbel, une mort à la lettre (Dar Al-Jadeed Publications 2008, Lebanon and Téraèdre Éditions 2013, France).

LOKMAN SLIM - Born in Lebanon, he studied philosophy in Paris. After returning to Lebanon, he founded the Dar al-Jadeed publishing house, where he offered established, controversial and new writers opportunities to engage with the public. SLIM is an essayist and leading spokesman for the preservation of Lebanese history and advancement of its culture.

BORGMANN and SLIM began collaborating in 2001 when they co-directed the feature documentary Massaker (2004, 99 min.). The film was screened at more than sixty international film festivals and was released to the cinema in France and Greece in 2006. Massaker received seven awards, including the Fipresci Prize at the 2005 Berlinale.
They also co-founded
UMAM Productions in 2001, an organization that has since co-produced a series of Lebanese documentaries.
While researching their work on Massaker, BORGMANN and SLIM realized that Lebanon had neither a central archive nor a national library. In response, they launched
UMAM Documentation and Research in 2004, a Lebanese NGO that focuses on issues related to civil violence and the collective memory of the Lebanese civil war. UMAM D&R continues to collect, preserve and disseminate important and representative aspects of Lebanon's culture and history.


© Miguel Bueno


Assistant Director

Sound Design

Color Grading

Psychological Advisor

Medical Tests
Associate Producers





In association with


Monika Borgmann

Monika Borgmann & Lokman Slim

Talal Khoury

Rawad Hobeika, Rayan Obeydine, Chadi Roukoz
Rami Nihawi

Olivier Zuchuat

Benjamin Benoit

Denis Séchaud

Pierre Jodlowski
Audrey Chen

Yov Moor
Dr. Sabine Sayegh-Jodehl
Dr. Bilal Mohamad Musbah Sablouh

Philippe Avril, Gabriela Bussmann, Monika Borgmann
Serge Gordey, Anne Grange
Les Films de l’Étranger (France)

GoldenEggProduction (Switzerland)
UMAM Productions (Lebanon)
RTS, Radio Télévision Suisse, and SRG SSR




a film by Monika Borgmann & Lokman Slim

2016 |103 min | Lebanon-France-Switzerland-Qatar-United Arab Emirates

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